Fantasy name generator

 Fantasy name generator

If you ever need to generate loads of fantasy names, I got a solution for you. Fantasy name generator is capable of generating thousands of names within few seconds. I have tested it and it worked like charm. In a couple of minutes I had more than 200  hundreds unique fantasy names. Fantasy name generator is an online tool to help you come up with unique and good sounding name, fantasy name. You can select from military, superheroes, barbarian, orc, evil, hobbit and from other characters. Fantasy name generator is easy to use, actually you don’t need any typing or computing skills. Basic knowledge how to use your computer and browser is more than enough. They always offer the huge variety of names, starting from Japanese names and ending with names of elf characters. As I recall they claim to have more than one million names in their database, so every time you generate something you will get unique and different names, pretty cool i guess. Fantasy name generator can literally generate millions of combinations and you can simply copy them all in a clipboard. Oh yes, I think they limit it to 50 names at maximum, not sure about that thought. So if you ever needed a name for your

 Draenei Dwarf  Gnome  Human  Night Elf  Worgen


or any other character, make sure to visit fantasy name generator and enjoy the power of uniqueness.

I will generate few names for you to show how magical this thing is:

so, my generation took about 35 seconds and now i have such names:


  • Aboakin
  • Onigord
  • Astardowien
  • Velan
  • Larin
  • Cirendra
  • Edoharin
  • Zarenna
  • Eroesa
  • Zardorien
  • Umilawien
  • Brieth
  • Gabeth
  • Ocydan
  • Umorenyth


Good luck using fantasy name generator to generate thousands of unique and pretty fantasy names. Thank you for reading.